Our company offers  new design concept of the flaw detection systems. The equipment realized on this principles allows higher examination quality in comparison with analogues to be achieved. It is confirmed by  capability of our equipment  to detect a helfty defect percentage  in products passing outgoing inspection.Therefore,  we provide the new examination quality level and  introduce  new standard of the flaw detection equipment construction  which allows this quality to be reached.  

A.G. Tsypushtanov  

We design examination equipment which exceeds the similar domestic and foreign analogues in technical characteristics
due  to  an advanced science and technical capability of our company.
All our developments are implemented using modern original technical decisions.


Development and construction of the non-destructive testing equipment

Supervisory Assembly, commissioning works

Metrological certification, verification and calibration

Guarantee service

Technical maintenance

Consultation services

Maintenance personnel training

Improving and modernization

Metrological base providing

Spare parts production

About us

The development, construction and introduction of the equipment for complex non-destructive testing of pipes, rolled metal products and pumping rods are the main activities of our company.

We are the team of highly skilled and qualified specialists. We successfully solve extremely important tasks every day because our company has an appropriate infrastructure with scientific and production base which includes the modern electronic and metal-processing facilities.

Our equipment for the complex non-destructive examination and for the thickness gauge is based on electromagnetic, acoustic and eddy current testing methods.

We are the only company in Russia which produces rotary type serial equipment for the non-contact ultrasonic (EMAT) examination of the pipe wall thickness.